Reading Gauche/Reading Gauche 0.9/gc/include/private/gcconfig.h/IF_CANCEL の変更点

 *IF_CANCEL [#ya0bdfb9]
 *概要 [#i2a61790]
  # if defined(UNIX_LIKE) && defined(THREADS) && !defined(NO_CANCEL_SAFE)
     /* Make the code cancellation-safe.  This basically means that we	*/
     /* ensure that cancellation requests are ignored while we are in	*/
     /* the collector.  This applies only to Posix deferred cancellation;*/
     /* we don't handle Posix asynchronous cancellation.			*/
     /* Note that this only works if pthread_setcancelstate is 		*/
     /* async-signal-safe, at least in the absence of asynchronous	*/
     /* cancellation.  This appears to be true for the glibc version, 	*/
     /* though it is not documented.  Without that assumption, there	*/
     /* seems to be no way to safely wait in a signal handler, which	*/
     /* we need to do for thread suspension.				*/
     /* Also note that little other code appears to be cancellation-safe.*/
     /* Hence it may make sense to turn this off for performance.	*/
  #   define CANCEL_SAFE
  #   define IF_CANCEL(x) x
  # else
  #   define IF_CANCEL(x)
  # endif
 *参照元 [#f7dc029d]
 *コメント [#gaa8e426]

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