What does an RF technician do??

Wireless communication is in place in today's world. The word RF stands for radiofrequency. RF Engineer is a skilled professional who installs, maintains and upgrades the Radio Frequency Systems which include, satellite systems, cellular antennas, two-way radios, amplifiers, internet access points and work with the various radio equipment. Apart from this, they perform various activities that comprise of, RF signal testing, RF System testing, records maintenance and providing instructions to customers on the usage of the equipment.

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Their roles and responsibilities include :

They work closely with RF-enabled devices Troubleshooting RF circuits independently or along with the site engineers. Examining the systems and rectify the faults if any. Maintaining up to date test cases. They perform routine antenna capability tests. They create the model, assemble and tune as per the requirement. They modify the antenna prototypes if required.

Wireless technology is widely used in the communication industry. To maintain, oversee and support the existing systems and the upcoming systems, we need RF technicians. The job market is welcoming the RF technicians with a hand full of opportunities. Plenty of RF technician jobs are available for skilled professionals.

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