(nmosh io io-objects) : I/O objects abstraction layer

In nmosh AIO, I/O objects means source of I/O events. Current(0.2.8) nmosh defines:

Internally, there is more detailed subclasses for I/O objects. These are OS / Kernel dependent.


I/O objects have to be "realize"d before its use. "Realize" means file open for file redirection, opening TCP connection for TCP stream and so on.

Realization will occur on-demand basis(i.e. deferred). This means you MAY NOT get errors immediately.

Active and Passive output


Active output

(stream-active-output) => handle callback




Stream Constructors


(stream-input obj CALLBACK)

(stream-output obj CALLBACK)

(stream-inout obj CALLBACK/in out)


Note that there is no "file-inout" procedure.

(file-input FILE)

(file-output FILE)

Low-level (backend)

(nmosh io io-objects posix): POSIX-fd constructors

(nmosh io io-objects win32): Win32 Constructors

(handle int)

(handle-value h)

(handle-output h)

(handle-input h)


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